Strategic human resources management is  combining human resources management with strategic aims in order to increase work performance, to develop organizational cultures which encourages innovations and flexibility.
Our Strategic Human Resources Management which has not static but dynamic structure; is not work-oriented is human-oriented which directs the work. It sees the human as not a cost element, sees as an important input. It operates mission, vision and value-oriented instead of traditional patterns and norms.
Our Strategic Human Resources Management which is opposed to clasical management understanding, takes quality management as an axis.
Our Strategic Human Resources Management which has a information-oriented treatment and which encourages proactive behaviours, provides consulting service instead of operational activities.
Our Strategic Human Resources Management’s Purposes can be summarized as following:
  • To actualize management’s organizational objectives through the work power.
  • To benefit from employees’ capacity and to utilize their potentials.
  • To increase Organizational Performance.
  • To integrate human resource management’s policies with organizational policies and to give form to organizational culture.
  • To bring sources in conformity with organizational requirements and to develop personnel and employment policies for improving performance.
  • To prepare an environment which employees could reveal unvisible energy and creativeness.
  • To provide conditions which could reveal concepts suc as team work, total quality and innovation.
  • To find persons with analitically thinking, high work motivation and high communication ability,  developed problem solving and making decision abilities, result-oriented, open to learn and research, reliable, superior business ethics bring in the organisation.
Finally; Our Strategic Human Resources Management is implemented as a very advanced STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM as  a management understanding which traditional human resources management strategies is integrated with modern human resources management activities such as our companies’ personnel selection, training and improvement of them, carrier management, performance management, price management, health and safety.